Manufacture of health care products, food and nutritional supplements.

Maquila of nutritional and health products

With more than 20 years of experience, in Modern Research we are pioneers in the development of health care product and food and nutritional supplements in México.

We help our clients to research and develop their products, bring their brands to life and generate successful sales strategies.

We produce tablets, powdered products and capsules in optimal weights and presentations for retail sales.

Formulas' investigation and development

We are specialists in creating high-quality, innovative formulas. The safety of our processes is guaranteed.

Production and

We use the raw materials that the client defines, prepared according to the desired product.


We have state-of-the-art machinery, which allows the elaboration of exact doses and finishings according to the highest standards of health products.

and QA

The finished products have quality, stability and microbiology certificates as well as everything needed for commercialization, including the traceability process, which allows each product to be registered and identified from its origin to its final destination.

and branding

We offer comprehensive advice to our clients in the creation of their brand, logo, labels and state-of-the-art packaging.


As part of our comprehensive maquila service, we carry out, along with our clients, all the necessary procedures before the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) in order to launch the product in the market in a consistent and successful way.


We generate the laboratory files for the assessment of health authorities such as Cofepris and the Ministry of Health.

and transportation

Our logistics team is ready to deliver the products to the distribution centers defined by the client, anywhere in the national territory.

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Custom quality products

We produce tablets, powdered products and capsules in optimal weights and presentations for retail sales.

Types of products
Foto de tabletas


Recommended for topical formulas.


Coated tablets in oval form, available in various weights.


Hard coated, round shaped tablet, available in various weights.

Hard gelatin capsules

Due to its versatility in sizes and colors, it's ideal for vitamins and other supplements.


Generally used for skin application.


We produce any formula in liquid presentation. One of our flagship products is liquid chlorophyll.


Ideal for dietary supplements such as shakes or powdered fiber.

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